If you are looking for the perfect family photographer, I can save you a lot of time and tell you that this is not me…

I want to give you more than a photo of everyone smiling stiffly at the camera. 

My images are all driven by real connection and emotion. My work aims to portray the chaos, beauty and vulnerability of motherhood. 

My photos are romantic yet raw.

Intense yet free.

Amazing yet ordinary.

I want you to celebrate this season of life and uncover beauty in the mundane. I want women and mothers to exist in portraits the LOVE with their families.

My name is Bridget, and am based on the east coast of Australia. I shoot families mainly in the Byron Bay region and Brisbane….however I often do travel to other places too.

If you would like Bridget to photograph your family, business or project – please get in touch at hello@bridgetwood.com.au.

Still want to know more about me?

You’ll find me and my family in the forest most days. It is my favourite way to begin my day. Our rescue dog Bowie loves it too. 

I’m a podcast addict. My favourite episode are Krista Tippet’s interview with John O’Donohue.

Feel everything. Love adventure. Can’t sing, love singing. Moved to Costa Rica when I was 18. Have a fear of heights. Every Friday is pizza night. Love travel.

I used to hide from the camera for the first few years after my daughter was born. However, I saw the gift of helping women exist in photographs with their children and decided that I was also worthy of this. So here I am, trying to make sure I’m in the frame from time to time too. 

I’m on a quest to simplify life and live with intention. 



Latest Work

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