How to achieve beautiful maternity photos (that won’t make you cringe). 

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A simple scroll through your social media feed will demonstrate that not all maternity shoots are created equal (see the hashtag #maternityshoot). But you can find a maternity session style that celebrates you and your impending motherhood (whether it’s your first or sixth time!). 

The most important thing is to ensure your maternity photos are a celebration of motherhood, natural beauty and your personal style – without leaving you feeling cheesy or overly posed. 

Why do women opt to have maternity photos taken? Experiencing pregnancy is a uniquely special time in a woman’s life – your body is doing things once thought unimaginable. You’re bringing new life into this world, and you’re about to enter motherhood. If ever there was a time to celebrate and collect keepsake photos of a moment in time, this is it.

Why do women choose not to get maternity photos taken? This one’s easy. Unless you’re a model by trade, putting yourself in front a camera can be daunting. We get it. And, when you see images out there from other people’s maternity shoots that don’t reflect your style, or that make you cringe, you might imagine all pregnancy photos are shot this way. And that, understandably, is pretty off-putting.

The good news? You can choose your own adventure. You don’t have to be shot in a certain place, in formulaic poses, wearing something that doesn’t reflect your personal style. It’s all about you, after all. But how do you ensure you get maternity photos you love?

Here are our three top tips for ensuring your maternity shoot is relaxed, natural and results in beautiful images you’ll want to look back on forever: 

    1. Find a photographer who gets you: Just as there’s a lid for every jar, there’s a photographer for every type of mum-to-be. If you prefer a formal, structured style of photography, there’ll be the perfect photographer to suit your wishlist out there. If you prefer an effortless, natural style of photography, you might like to peruse more of this website. Bridget Wood Photography is all about capturing pose-free, beautiful imagery that celebrates you – in a relaxed and personalised manner. The best way to figure out if the photographer you’re looking at is your ideal match, is to visit their portfolio to gaze at their previous shoots. Then, read their ‘about’ page to see if they vibe with you.
    2. Determine your style in advance: When you’re getting to know your photographer, it’s important to let them know what makes you tick. Not into sandy toes? Let’s not shoot at the beach. Not sure what to wear? Organise a styling session with your photographer to develop your desired style. Self-conscious about something in particular? Let’s chat about how we can make you feel comfortable. Have a clear idea of what you want? Great! Let’s talk through it. Knowing what you do and do not like will help you and your photographer co-create imagery you’ll love. And, if in doubt, choose a photographer whose suggestions you trust.
    3. Learn what it was like for other mothers: Sometimes it pays to be a sticky beak. Take a snoop at your would-be photographer’s testimonials and find out how other mums felt about their maternity sessions (both during and afterwards). If their words of wisdom have you enthusiastically nodding along, and if their resulting photos have you gushing – bingo, you’ve come to the right place. But, if their testimonials raise any red flags for you, it might be best to keep searching.

If you’d like to see Bridget’s clients’ testimonials and recent maternity shoot images, please feel free to take a look below. You can also follow Bridget Wood Photography on Instagram to keep up with recent sessions. 

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A simple scroll through your social media feed will demonstrate that not all maternity shoots are created equal (see the hashtag #maternityshoot). But you can find a maternity session style that celebrates you and your impending motherhood (whether it’s your first or sixth time!).  The most important thing is to ensure your maternity photos are

How to achieve beautiful maternity photos (that won’t make you cringe). 

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